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Friday, July 01, 2005

WIP 6-30-05

Weeks Progress June 30, 2005

The Fleece: carded some.

Inkle Loom:
gave up on hand-picking chevron pattern. Tried boxy pattern. Gave up on boxy pattern. Trying draw method for chevron pattern.

Mystery Stole:
It's about 12" long now, relaxed.

Crochet scarf:
growing. Ran out of yarn. Decided to work new yarn outward from the foundation chain. Will need to figure out how to treat the reversal of direction spaces.

Alpaca Feather and Fan: didn't work on it this week.

Stripey Socks: back together again.

Spin-Off: canine yarn

NWRSA exchange: bought some merino-silk blends to spin samples.

RF bag: spun some. Almost finished third skein.

BSG: overbudget.


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