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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sockapaloooza: Race Against Time

I have time for only one post today, so I guess it's the daily update for the SockapalOOOza socks. On May 1 (if not before) I promise to get back to a wider variety of post topics!

I woke up this morning to the (could have seen this coming) discovery that I'd knitted 15 rows further than where the heel flap should have started. So I threaded a lifeline . (I'm really growing to like this little technique!) I threaded the lifeline through the row beneath the error, and ripped back with almost no worry of dropped and running stitches! (I'm always careful as I approach the target row because it's possible that I missed a stitch while threading the lifeline.)

I was able to pick up the stitches without losing any, and started the heel flap (remembering just barely in time to switch to the black yarn!)

.... This is the start of the slow dawning realization that my shorthand notes would serve very poorly as a pattern. I will need to dress them up a bit before they will be ready to share. ... At the moment, they might not really even qualify as good enough to jog my own memory! We'll find out when I get the second sock finished. (wait, did I slip that last stitch in the final row or not? where did I start the color join? How many rows?...)

A major aspect of the construction of a second sock is (for me) a matter of carefully examining the first one. I guess it helps keep things interesting... in a very Grecian comedy sort of way... (Oh look! I've kissed my mum! Oh look! I've put my eyes out! .. Oh look, the gusset is supposed to be ribbed! Isn't it hilarious?)

Despite the laughter and the tears, I've made progress. There's hope for the finish line yet!

(still showing the inside of the sock in a (patently hopeless) attempt to be clever and surreptitious!)

Oh! and Bethieee just pointed my attention toward the fabulous Sock Bands some very clever knitters have designed for the exchange! .. one more thing I want to do before the mailing date!


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