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Friday, March 24, 2006

Sockapaloooza: A Knitted Cuff!

After taking a break for a week (or was it two?) to make the hedgiehog, I've realized it's nearly April and I don't yet know for sure how much ripping and re-planning I'm going to need to do as the sock progresses! So I've started intensive knitting, and have been greatly rewarded!

The knitting is coming along smoothly, and I am *thrilled* with the way my colorwork pattern is knitting up! :) YAY!! Little hearts all over the place!!! fabulous fire colors with black motifs! The colors just POP! (sure this is all kinda true for the pattern swatches too, but now it's The SOCK!)

The gauge works perfectly.. fits over my heel smoothly with no tugging. :) YAY!!

The big hearts travel up the back of the calf. I should be able to start the heel flap after the third or fourth big heart... (we'll see as it goes?)

The new round begins at the center of the big hearts, too.. which may have been an oversight on my part since the big hearts are such a focal point...

I've used a special technique to avoid jogs at the join. When I finish the round, I take one extra stitch to duplicate the first stitch of the round. (this means I form an additional stitch through the row below the new first stitch in the same color as the first stitch and slip it on the needle next to the first stitch of the round I just completed. When I start the new round I work both of those stitches together as one, using whichever color is needed for the new stitch.) If that explanation didn't make any sense, it's probably because I described it wrong. I'll try to remember to get pictures for next time. ... I wish I could remember where I saw the technique that inspired me to ..... OH!! I bet I know where I saved.... YES! :) I got the idea from Judy Gibson! I'm not sure whether I'm doing the technique the same way she describes.. but she's the one that gave me the idea and helped me think of knitting in a slightly expanded way. :)

On the inside the jog still shows up a little, but that doesn't bother me. As long as it looks right from the outside! :)

The inside of the front..
(Bethieee says I have to put up images of the inside to show how the floats are managed and how even and smooth they are. (blush!) She says the inside is almost as lovely as the outside! ... and she didn't even notice the end-of-round solution until I pointed it out! :) )

The front from the outside, as if you couldn't guess! ;)

And just to be complete: the cuff at the expected height on a leg. :) (mine. I think I need to shave again.)

The only thing I'm less than thrilled with at this point is the way that this particular yarn colorway is pooling at this particular size gauge and this particular pattern... but to fiddle with that I would need to make major adjustments elsewhere, and I think I'm just being way too involved in my work again....

I think that they are probably fine even with the color pooling! What do you think?


  • At Fri Mar 24, 04:03:00 PM PST, Blogger Zarah said…

    I REALLY hate pooling, and I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out. I think having the heart motif breaks it up visually - this IS beautiful work - I wish mine were so even!

  • At Sat Mar 25, 10:02:00 AM PST, Blogger Anna said…

    I think they're gorgeous and I'm in awe of your colorwork!! I love pooling and I don't think that it's a problem at all...especially with the dark contrast. Vivid and beautiful. (crossing fingers & hoping you might be my sockpal)

  • At Sat Mar 25, 09:04:00 PM PST, Blogger laurie said…

    hooooolleeeeeee cow (and not one of them there martian cows ;o))...these are really gorgeous!! the pattern is great, and i agree with the previous comments on's not nearly as noticeable because of the black...ok yes if you really LOOK at it, you can see the pooling, but i don't think that'll be the focus...i sure hope you're keeping notes on these, cuz i foresee a lot of requests for the pattern! *big grin*

    bethieee was needed to show us the inside :o)

    very lucky sockpal you have :o)

  • At Tue Mar 28, 08:27:00 PM PST, Blogger neko_loco said…

    Wow, those are THE most amazing socks. Amazing!!! I love the pattern, please share with us poor mortals. :)

    It makes me think of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland (one of my favorite books). I wonder if your sockpal is open to bribery?

  • At Tue Apr 04, 07:07:00 PM PDT, Blogger Di said…

    Wow these are amazing! I'm always in awe of those who can knit fair isle so evenly. Congratulations

  • At Wed Apr 05, 02:28:00 PM PDT, Blogger Heatherly said…

    i love the sock! where is the pattern from? graphed out yourself?
    i love the way the black distracts from the pooling. i wouldn't have noticed the pooling if you hadn't mentioned it.

  • At Wed Apr 05, 02:41:00 PM PDT, Blogger Peacock said…

    I am making up the pattern as I go. :) My second attempt at creating a "Fair Isle" style pattern, the first attempt at doing one in the round. It's coming out smashingly well, and I have to say-- at this point I wish I were my own sock partner! ;) .. I LOVE these socks! (now that I've got the heel turn figured out, anyway...)

    I'll be posting the charts when Sockapaloooza is done and I'm happy with the results. .. can't promise more than just the charts at the moment, but I am hoping to add some tips as well. Eventually work it up into a (Gasp!) real pattern.



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