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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sockapaloooza: Setbacks

So here we are with 8 days left before the boxes go into the mail... and I've realized I've made some MAJOR errors.

Biggest Error of all: didn't remember to make sure I was sizing the socks to the recipient's feet. I was knitting blithely along, knitting socks that more-or-less fit my own feet. .. More or less fit my roommate's feet. (her feet are a half size or so bigger than mine.) ... Totally forgetting that my recipient's feet are half a size or so SMALLER than mine! argh!!!

To fix the error and salvage this pair of socks, I'd need to rip all the way back to the gusset (at least) to decrease further. And still the heel might slip. .. It'd require some recalculations and a lot of knitting time. .. stranded, charted knitting time. Not easily transportable. Easily messed up if I lose track of the counting (which seems to occur much more frequently on pain-killers than it did before I started taking them.)

As for Backup Plan A: Trekking socks... well, I just don't think they're the right socks for this recipient! She loves bright colors and pattern and the Trekking socks have neither.

For two days I've been sobbing, desperate to send the GOOD socks, but knowing I'll never make it in time.

Enter Backup Plan B! : Entirely new socks- Koigu PPPM in reds and Gems Pearl in black. (My source for the Lorna's Lace colors is out of stock and I don't have time for a reorder. )

This time the colorwork will be only a band at the top. Gracious and lovely and much much quicker/less complicated. The rest will be the varigated red in stockinette or some such simple stitch, with black heels and toes. :) Yay!! I'm quite confident (read: "hopeful") that I will be able to get the easier socks done by the deadline (or very shortly thereafter, with much shame involved), they'll still be bright and colorful and pattern-y, and I won't feel like I've completely been humiliated by my own backup plan. These will be socks I will be happy to send to my recipient, and I hope she will forgive me for not getting the truly Fantastic socks finished for her!


  • At Sat Apr 22, 07:31:00 PM PDT, Blogger 'Zann said…

    The Backup Plan B socks sound WONDERFUL (I love socks with a total contrast heel and toe) and I can't wait to see them!
    I know your exchange partner will love them.

    BTW - I'm knitting a third small shawl and using your stitch markers, so I think of you twice on every row! Also used your Silk Garden bag to tote the shawl and yarn to the knit shop today.
    warm fuzzies,

  • At Sat Apr 22, 08:56:00 PM PDT, Blogger Heide said…

    The original and contingent plans are all wonderful and I'm sure your sockapalooza recipients will be delighted. I've never used Gem's Pearl, but I spent a week blissfully knitting socks with Koigu. I'm sending peaceful, happy and calming knitting vibes to you ~~~~~ hope your knee isn't bothering you too much!


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