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Friday, April 28, 2006

Sockapaloooza: Could I Really Be This Dumb??

Two rows finished today. No need for a photograph, really.. just imagine yesterday's picture with two extra rows. Very disheartening!

Why, you ask? ... and from the title perhaps you surmise all sorts of ripping and reknitting gymnastics resulting in a net gain of only two rows.

But no! Nothing like that, actually. I really honestly did only get two rows knitted tonight.

They were the two rows completed BEFORE the pasta finished cooking.

Note to self: Do not plunge entire hand into boiling hot water.

The three hours that have elapsed since this (should have been obvious) lesson have involved an ice pack.

So I am guessing you'd like a bit more background on exactly *how* a reasonably intelligent person like myself with a higher education might have missed that particular lesson. .. And it's not really so much that I missed the lesson as that I failed to apply it in real-time circumstances. My hand was faster than my brain.

Y'see, the pasta had just finished cooking.
I had the colander in the sink, waiting for the hot pasta.
(The sink was freshly cleaned, in preparation for the pouring of the hot pasta and boiling water through the colander)
I emptied the contents of the pot into the colander, picked the colander up out of the sink...
and noticed that the pasta water was not draining.
Decided I needed to run the disposal...
but thought I'd check for obstructions (like dishcloths and silverware) before turning it on.
Hence the hand in the boiling water: hand faster than brain. Ouch!

I got an ice pack on it immediately and have kept it iced for the past three hours, so it is only red (not blistered or worse) and it will be fine without medical attention (really this time! not like the knee...) but it still hurts a bit when I take the ice pack off of it (like to type), so knitting has not been my friend.

Ah well. .. there's still PLENTY of time, right?? (sulk)


  • At Sat Apr 29, 06:20:00 PM PDT, Blogger laurie said…

    oh no :o| not conducive to doing much of anything with that hand, much the less knitting :o\ (are you SURE it's not like the knee? *wink* lol sorry, i couldn't resist)

    hope it's doing better today...i won't tease you about the 'action before logical thought' aspect (because if i do, you'll have reason to ask me about bagels...and i'd really rather you didn't ;o))


  • At Sat Apr 29, 09:49:00 PM PDT, Blogger Peacock said…

    Bagels, right. There are no bagels to ask about, right.

    Then if I don't ask you about bagels, you won't ask me about sewing machines, carrots, or bird cages, right?


    Yes, my hand is just fine today. .. unless I stick it in more hot water- then it would complain, but basic stuff is just fine. :)


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