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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sockapaloooza: Hands Much Better Today!

As expected, my burned hand healed up pretty well overnight. It still complains if I, say, reach for the toast (into the heat of the toaster oven)-- and that's perfectly understandable! .. but it's no longer red, and no longer vying with my knee for status of Most Painful Body Part. Situation Normal again.

Which means, Yes!! I got some knitting done today!! (No pictures, sadly... I was knitting instead. ;)

All I have left to do is the Toe!! (and then the postcard note thing and the sock band thing and the post office thing...) Then the knitting is DONE!! DonedonedonedoneDONE!!


Staving off catastrophe, I should be done with the sock by lunchtime!! :) YAY!! (I'd cross my fingers, but I can't tension the yarn properly that way...)

Oh, and Laurie-- I won't ask you about the bagel if you don't ask me about the carrot, the sewing machine, or the bird cage. ;)

Hugs all!!


  • At Sun Apr 30, 09:58:00 AM PDT, Blogger laurie said…

    rotfl...oh how tempting...i suspect an email is in order ;o) (but far be it from me to interrupt the finishing of the sockapaloooza project ;o) soon though)

    love the ducky story! (i have a thing for rubber ducks...another long story i'll save for email, lucky you! lol)

    glad the hand is better...i suspected it might be since you were so prompt in caring for it...get that toe done! ;o)


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