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Thursday, February 16, 2006

SockapalOOOza: Yarn!

During this past couple of weeks while I've been staying home and nursing my hurt knee, I've been fretting about what yarn I will use for my SockapalOOOza project. I looked in my stash first, but the colors that I have on hand just didn't feel right for this recipient. I wanted something firey and bright, and I collect mostly cool and watery or rainbow-bright.

I also have a bee in my bonnet to do colorwork. I'm envisioning stunning firey colors on a solid black ground.

So I do what I can: I get online and start looking for yarn that matches my concept.

Now maybe yarn isn't quite as bad as fabric, I'm kinda new to the field, and I'm not sure how fast the turnaround in color and texture really is. In quilting and fashion design, however, a particular special fabric might only be seen once. Ever. Yarn seems a little more stable than that (except once you get into the handspuns...)

But I think it might still be a disadvantage to start with an end-goal in mind and then try to find the materials to make it happen.

Before long I was wondering if I'd be stuck dyeing the yarn myself.

And then I started wondering HOW I'd dye the yarn myself with a knee that won't bend right.

And then my Angel of Mercy shows up with THIS:

Isn't it just Perfect?!
Thank You, Bethieee!

Next step: gauge swatches and pattern planning.


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