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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sockapaloooza: No Picture Tonight

It's late. I'm exhausted. I could go dig out the camera, the sock, some half-decent lighting, take a picture, upload it from my camera to the computer, resize and crop the picture, upload it to my server, and post about it.

But it's late and I'm exhausted, so I'll let the picture wait until tomorrow.

I finished the colorwork rows today and was able to bring the sock with me to the comedy routine we saw tonight (a friend's cousin performing. Quite amusing. Very enjoyable evening!... He only dissed me a little bit for knitting throughout his routine. Helps that I maintained eye contact and laughed at his jokes and once even almost spewed water out my nose. Managed not to, though. Good thing. Wet snotty knitting would be truly humiliating! ;)

Knit the stockinette rows of the riser during the comedy routine. Nicely timed-- ended up the routine just about the same time as I'd have to put the sock away anyhow because the heel gets worked in the second color and I'd want to pay just a little more attention to the sock at that point than would be appropriate for knitting in the front row seating of someone's comedy performance. Not even a stranger, but someone who's a relative of someone I'd like to keep as a friend. ;)

So tomorrow morning I count the rows and find out whether I need to add a couple of rows or rip a couple of rows.. or rip a whole lot of rows because the tension changed dramatically while nearly snorting water out my nose.

As I read back over this post before hitting "publish" I realize that I'm even more exhausted than I would have guessed, and that this entry is potentially beyond the helpful aid of a simple editing job, and might need an entire rewrite to give it cohesion and make it make sense. If correcting grammar makes you happy... pull out your red pens and strike away.

I'm going to sleep. ;)


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