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Monday, April 10, 2006

Sockapaloooza: New Heel

I ripped out last week's heel and knit a new one. It's much better. :)

I adapted my colorwork pattern to add a row of small hearts underneath the one large heel-flap heart. This extended the length of the flap by just enough and works nicely with the overall pattern.

I knit the heel turn in 2x2 checkerboard. And instead of increasing by one stitch each row, I increased by two stitches each row. This helped control the rate of increase and gave me a much more heel-shaped result.

One last note- can you see where the ridge from the start-of-round-at-center-back stops? Not really well in a picture, so I'm not going to worry about it!

As to why it stops, well.. I suddenly realized, when I began to start the heel flap, that it would be really nice if I could work across the entire heel flap without changing pattern-row at the center back of Every row!

(to save you all the slow and painful realization that dawned on me... that'd be:
complete sock round to center back.
begin pattern row 1 to edge, turn, work pattern row 2 to center. Switch to pattern row 1 to edge, turn, work pattern row 2 to center. switch to pattern row 3 to edge, turn, work pattern row 4 to center.... ARGH!!!!!)

(doh!! now I guess I know why most designs have the whole sock start the round at a side "seam") And of course I didn't realize that this problem was going to exist until I'd already done the whole cuff.

... so I finished the round at center back, broke the yarns, and reconnected them at the side to start the heel flap. ... the result is that the center back has a ridge halfway down that then disappears.. but it's pretty subtle, so I will call it a quirk, laugh at my discovery, and forge onward. After all, I'm on a deadline, and I suspect the world will forgive me for being less than perfect on the way. ;)

On the second sock, though, I'm going to do the whole thing with the beginning-of-round on a side seam.

I have been hearing a lot of interest for this pattern from some of you! :)
This makes me very very happy. I feel Accomplished!! yay!!
So I will be planning to share the colorwork charts, and maybe the notes I take (if I remember to take any. ;) ...
If you're *really* nice I might even clean up the charts first, and not leave you guessing as to what goes where. ;)
... as for an actual step-by-step pattern, I'm not sure. I'll let you know later.



  • At Mon Apr 10, 07:48:00 PM PDT, Blogger Heide said…

    These socks are truly a work of art. I hope you're able to enter them in a fair or something! Please do post the pattern, maybe I'll attempt something this detailed in a few years!


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