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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

SockapalOOOza: Pattern Swatch

With a decent idea of the gauge I wanted to work, and armed with a pencil, a sharpie, and some 10 square to the inch graph paper, I started drafting out the pattern.

At first I thought I would repeat the large heart motif several times around the girth of the sock, but I wasn't so happy with it knitted up. It would be great for a larger project, perhaps, like a sweater maybe? but on a little sock it just seemed too huge.

So I drew up another pattern with the large hearts only tracing up the center line in back and a set of smaller hearts patterned around the rest of the leg. Much better!

I did one repetition on size 2 Addis, and a second repetition dropping the needle size to 1 and thickening some of the lines in the smaller hearts.

I like the results of the smaller needle gauge. The question that arises, however, is will there be enough stretch in the cuff at the smaller gauge to fit comfortably over the heel girth? hmmm...

I'm happy with the back side.. the floats are short enough that I think they will cause no problems.

And to help me keep track of my place, I put my pattern onto a sheet of metal and use a long magnet to underline the current row. (Darice sells a product of this description to aid with counted cross-stitch.)

Next step: cast on a cuff and start the pattern for the sock. After I knit a few inches, I'll see if it slides comfortably over my heel or if I have to make some sort of adjustments to get it to fit properly.

I've decided I'll make the cuff in black. I will probably be doing the heel flap and gusset in a stranded pattern. I have not decided whether to do the toe stranded in a pattern or solid black...


  • At Tue Mar 14, 06:00:00 AM PST, Blogger Anna said…

    Goodness! Stunning! I don't do colorwork and I'm so envious! Hmmmm...maybe you're my sockpal...(little prayer to the sockgods). ;)

  • At Tue Mar 14, 06:01:00 AM PST, Blogger Ashley said…

    Those are going to be amazing socks! Lucky, lucky pal!

  • At Tue Mar 14, 06:18:00 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow, those are going to be awesome. Just a quick question though. I happen to know whose sockpal you are and am actually guiding her through making her first pair of socks. From looking at what you've done I'm not sure you should have been matched with a total beginner to socks and I don't want you to be disappointed with her finished pair. Could you please post for both of us a few thoughts on beginner patterns you like? I want this to be the best experience for both of you!


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