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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sockapaloooza: A Little Progress Every Day...

If I'd realized at the very beginning just how long the colorwork takes compared to a standard sock, I might not have dreamed up my original flight of fantasy!! A couple of hours work today, only 3/4 inch growth. Argh!!

I *love* colorwork--designing it, charting it, working it, seeing it completed.. I just don't think I'm going to be doing any more on a deadline any time soon!

The colorwork band turns out to be a really worthy compromise. It's interesting enough to keep me focused and to give the finished socks some panache.. but as soon as the colorwork band is done, I can shift to high-gear and turn out the rest of the sock on a timeframe that seems more realistic for an exchange!

For this sock, I'm working on holding the stranded tension a little looser since its partner really fights going over the wide point of my heel. Even though my sock pal has slightly smaller feet, I'm not sure what her ankle flexibility is, so I am really hoping this won't be a problem for her.

Come to think of it, this is going to be a pair of socks you don't wear for any sports that might bring an ankle-turn because if the ankle swells you'll need to cut the socks right off. :( ... better the socks than the ankle, though. If you do turn your ankle while wearing the socks, PLEASE do feel completely guilt-free with the scissors! ... heck, my husband even had to cut off his engagement ring once when he injured his finger! (I like the concept of reasonable equality... and so we both gave each other engagement rings. :) ... we even got the jeweler who made the ring to mend it after the damage. You can still tell it's been damaged and mended.. and fixing it cost as much as simply replacing it would have.. and now that we've got newer rings it sits tucked away with my old 80's bangles and 90's single earrings...

whoops.. got carried away there. :) Cutting handmade socks to free an injured appendage is painful (well, in more than one way, given the injury..) but fully forgiven! (try to avoid injury in the first place, though.. Take the advice from my knee. It won't be quiet these days!)

(...and I love the mended engagement ring even more now with its healed scars. :)


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