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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sockapaloooza: Plan B -- day's progress

A picture of the Plan B sock (just beginning) on the right next to its inspiration semi-sock on stitch holders (needed the needle.) The new colorway is a bit pinker, but it really is quite fun.

Late yesterday evening Bethieee brought me the new yarn and straightway I cast on. I worked a short cuff (in the black) before realizing that I liked Bethieee's suggestion better and ripped it all back out to start a red cuff with a black-ground, red-motif colorwork band beneath.
This was a reversal of the color pattern on the original sock, but Bethieee had urged me to try it because the new black yarn is noticably thinner than the red and she was worried that the design motifs if worked in black would get lost.
But the black held its own-- in fact was still stronger than the reds for the motif. So I decided I would rip it back in the morning and went to sleep.

This morning I ripped back the colorwork band so I could work the motifs in the black, then started knitting the stockinette riser. As you can see, I made good progress! --which is what I will need to be able to maintain if I hope to finish both socks by the mailing date. Honestly though, it's time to sleep now, and my wrists are a little tired after so much constant knitting today. Must take care of the wrists! even while I work hard to make the deadline.


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