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Monday, May 08, 2006

Thank You, Indie!!

The first of the errant Thank-You notes! My SP5 spoilee, IndieKnits has become a dear friend. :) That alone would be quite sufficient to thank her for! (Thank You, Indie!!)

She recently moved from one flat to another, and in the midst of all that commotion and chaos, she found the time and resources to send me a get-well package!! OMG! Get-Well Yarn for my knee recovery!! :)

Although Laura (that's Indie) had told me to expect a package earlier that week, its arrival in my mailbox was a complete and total shock!

. o O ((The medicine I'm taking for my knee seems to be interfering with my ability to keep track of things. I'm needing to make a lot of lists lately, and I am constantly feeling like there is something I'm forgetting! If it's *you,* dear reader, and I haven't sent you: a thank-you note, an SP box, a return e-mail, a postcard ...the list goes on and on... Please prompt me gently! I really could use the help keeping track, and I definitely don't want you to feel ignored or unappreciated!))

I opened up my mailbox and found a package key! .. I opened up the mailbox package unit and found a box!! I thought it would be for Bethieee. There are two or three boxes she is waiting on, and every day we check the mail hopefully. :) ... It wasn't for Bethieee! It was for *ME!* Ohmigosh! total surprise.

When I saw all the pictures of The Queen on the stamps, I just *knew* it had to be from Indie! and it was. :)

Inside, wonderfulness! Yummy Cadbury candies with silly names!! :) I think my favorites were the "curly wurly swirlies" .. just because the name is so fab! (.. they were also the first to disappear.)

Laura's sweetie, Ross, included an awesome mix CD!! Thank you!! I love it! Loveitloveitloveit!! I'm still trying to decide which song is my favorite. :) It's definitely music that I didn't have in my library yet and which I am thrilled to be introduced to! Thank you!!

There's a bright and sunny get-well card, a pen from Get Knitted (perfect for my knitting bag!)...

...and some wonderfully scented soap (in a tin that will be perfect for holding stitch markers when the soap is gone!) and aromatherapy oil called "relaxation" (boy will I need that as it gets close to the day for surgery!)

And a most Wonderful get-well yarn!! turquoise and teal and magenta and purple... Bethieee says it's a yarn her little sister would have loved in seventh grade. Well, I love it NOW! .. from Fyberspates!! A yarn I have heard so much crowing about on the blogs, but don't have access to here in my local yarn shops! I am going to LOVE working with this yarn!! I can hardly wait for the surgery, just so I can cast on with this lovely skein! ;)

I really do love absolutely all of it, and I can't thank you enough for being so very wonderful, Laura! Thank you!!!


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