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Monday, May 01, 2006

General Chatter

I keep hoping that I'll have time and energy to post about some of the wonderful things I have still in the queue! .. like NorWesCon! and a proper couple of Thank-You's! and the upcoming NWRSA Spinning Conference (first weekend in June-- Tacoma, WA this year), and the teapot and teacozy .. and the Mothers' Day present I knitted for my mom, and the Pop-Up Paws I started for Keithr (didn't finish because the season changed), and the felted mittens and hand warmers I am knitting for Bethieee's sister (haven't finished yet--same reason)....

Just thinking up that list is exhausting! .. but still, I will try to get to at least one of them later tonight.

Today I had my first appointment with a trainer at the gym. I decided, since this knee of mine isn't going to heal on its own with just rest and good nutrition, that I had to take some drastic measures to keep from losing my treasured muscle mass and flexibility while I am basically forced to be sedentary! Hence the training sessions. They will help me work out exercizes that are within my approved range of motion and that will target the muscle groups I need healthy for the recovery from surgery. :)

So I am exhausted. I had an hour-long session today and feel (for the first time since February!) that I actually *worked out*! Got my heart rate up for a sustained duration and actually sweat for the first time since the skiing trip without being in a sauna!

My knee hurt a lot during some of the exercizes and I thought that it might be too much, but it's feeling surprisingly well at the moment, so I'm quite happy with the results so far. .. of course, I'll probably be very sore tomorrow.


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