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Monday, December 04, 2006

Patty's Challenge #3 -- Food Recollection

What To Do:

Write a post about your favorite recipe and what it means to you. You don't have to post the recipe itself and if you don't have a specific recipe you can write about, think about a food memory that you have.

A food memory, mmm? I could tell you about the peanut butter sandwich I made for my brother when I was about five, and he was about three.. y'see, he liked crunchy peanut butter and I didn't. I liked creamy peanut butter (and of course he didn't). Usually he got his way (he threw loud, long tantrums, and mother gave in), but one day he'd been left with a sitter and I was at the grocery store with mother without him. She couldn't remember whether she usually got creamy or crunchy (she also often called me by his name and vice versa, and has only just now begun remembering when our respective birthdays are), so I was able to get her to buy creamy for once!! yay!!!

My brother, of course, pitched his expected fit, but there was nothing to be done about it. The peanut butter was already purchased and wasn't going back to the store. It so happens that I was beginning to "cook" meals (I was really good at frying eggs and I could make all kinds of cold sandwiches) for my brother and I, and I reasoned with him that it was *much* easier to make creamy peanut butter into crunchy peanut butter than it was to take the crunchy back out! I promptly made each of us a peanut-butter-and-honey sandwich, and onto his I sprinkled some of my parakeet's food. :) Insta-crunchy!! He loved it. Mother was horrified.

But she started buying two kinds of peanut butter! (I still prefer creamy, he still prefers crunchy.)

... much much later we learned that mixing the honey into the peanut butter before putting it onto the bread keeps the bread from getting all crystalized and nasty from the honey! wish I'd known that trick sooner!!


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