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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Power Restored

We got our power back on Monday morning.. roughly 10am. I've been kept busy ever since-- all the appointments I had to make up from the time we were without, and fielding calls from family, and sorting the contents of my refrigerator (hey, I'd been meaning to defrost and clean out my freezer anyway.. I just hadn't intended it to be so *thorough!*)

so my husband and I have been warm and clean and relatively comfortable for the past couple of days. :) .. but there are still some local areas that don't yet have power restored! It was a bad storm. I believe the hope is that everyone will have power again before next Monday. We have borrowed crews and equipment from all over the states helping out with the repairs and the clearing of fallen trees, so the rest of it should go pretty quickly, I hope!

I have a really big Thank You!! to my friend, Raoul, who agreed to house my bunny for a few days so his water bottle wouldn't freeze. :) Fortunately, it was unnecessary as we got our power back the following morning, but Thank You anyway!!! You've been a True Friend this past year (well, longer than that, but it's been especially apparent this past year)-- willing to help, willing to spend time with me, willing to cheer me up watching a movie or listening to me decompress at least twice a month despite your 80+ hour work weeks that you've been putting in since February this year! ... You have given when so few others had time or concern for me, and I *really* appreciate you for that. :) Thank you.

I have pictures to share-- of the recent weather outbursts mostly, but I have to find some time to get them groomed and transferred!

hugs all. Several of you asked after me in the power outage, and it was really warming to the spirit to find those messages in my inbox when I got back onto the computer. :) Thank You! and happy Solstice!


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