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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

WIP 07-07-05

The Fleece:
I got a little bit flicked and combed this week. I'll keep chipping away at it as I sit with family in front of a movie.

Inkle Loom:
I need to know whether the frustration I'm having with this inkle project is because of the equipment, method, or materials.

So: I set up a new warp on my smaller inkle loom. This warp is of burgundy and black 20/2 cotton- a smooth and snug yarn which I have used for warps before with great success. This ribbon is designed to be an entirely warp-faced design: no pick-up needed. The warping itself was fraught with frustration, and after threading it wrong twice, I nearly had it finished when I realized that one of the earliest warp threads wasn't following the right path. I had to take the entire warp off, re-ball it, and start over. That took the better part of a day!

But the weaving is significantly easier! So much easier, in fact, that I spent some time drawing up new ideas for future warp-controlled designs.

As for the first inkle, I'm still trying to get along with it. The new draw method for the pick-up pattern is helping a lot, but even though I have more than doubled my speed, it is still a slow process. What it has really done for me is to make the pick-up process a lot easier, less frustrating, less painful, and less prone to mistake. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the improvement, but possibly not happy enough to ever try this again!

Mystery Stole:
No progress. Didn't have a good span of time to sit and focus on following the chart. In theory, the new clue got posted, but I am not sure because I am very far behind in reading the posts. It's possible that she decided not to post clue 4 since not very many people were ready for it yet.

Crochet Scarf:
It's growing. Slowly. A few stitches at a time.

Stripey Socks:
Wow. My gauge has really changed since the last time I knitted on this project!

RF Bag:
No spinning this week. I wanted to spin on Sunday evening. Unfortunately, my bruised and swollen kneecap had other plans.

Another fish got finished this week! It'd been knitted a while back, snuck into a drawer, and got lost. This week it went in to a felting wash, dried, and got stuffed.

Alpaca Feather and Fan:
No progress.

No measurable progress. Getting started still scares me because once I've started, I'm committed to a particular course of action. I did read, though: Spin-Off's A Handspindle Treasury, Knitter's Magazine's Shawls and Scarves, and Gossamer Webs: the History and Techniques of Orenburg Lace Shawls by Galina Khmeleva of Skaska. The books are a great inspiration and hopefully will help me get an idea of what I want to create, how long it will take to knit, and how much yarn I will need.


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