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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

You Remember The Sock...

...the sock I started about a week ago. The sock for my Renaissance Faire costume.

Well, I made the foot too big for me. Rather than rip out the toe and shorten it, I had Gipsieee try it on. It fit her quite neatly!

All I had to do next was duplicate it. Really. It should have been that easy. Just count the rows from the first sock and replicate them in the second. Simple. Piece of cake.

Somehow, I veered from The Plan.

There's a good chance that you won't see The Problem. I'll explain.
The Problem is: I made one row too many in the cuff color after the eyelets of the Second Sock.
The Bigger Problem is: I thought the extra row was an improvement.

Now, I was certainly NOT going to rip the entire first sock just to add that missing row to the cuff. I may be prone to a high level of self-criticism, and I may go to great lengths in the pursuit of perfectionism, but ripping out an entire perfectly good sock? Couldn't do it.

Now, one might then expect that I would rip out the deviant row of the Second Sock. After all, I'd caught the problem within an inch of making it. The heartache would be minimal. But I'm not one to easily let go of an Obvious Improvement, either. Neither could I simply ignore The Problem and pretend that no one would see it.

*I* would know it was there, after all. Boy would that chafe.

Y'know, when I was a child my elders always warned me about Deviation From The Norm... They'd say "Little mistakes cause big problems!" and "Just one act of carelessness, uncorrected, can cause the downfall of a great project!" and "If it's worth doing at all, it's worth doing Right!" and a score of other soundbites which were all quite well-intentioned, I'm sure.

I've lived by a great many of them for a great deal of my life. It's very difficult for me to leave a mistake uncorrected.

That said:
What do you think of Gipsieee's Renaissance Faire Socks?

I swear they're a pair.


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