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Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Thought on Duplicative Gifts

I have noticed a certain dread pop up in people's faces when they realize they've given you something You've Already Got! As if that somehow makes it completely unworthy. And that is something that I don't quite understand.

There could be exceptions, of course. A second pair of tickets to the same theater show the same evening could be difficult to use (barring regifting, that is... bring along a friend or two?). Another dog might not get along with the first, and would entail duplicate extra costs like vet bills and licensing and food and such. But giving a pet is best done with the recipient's full knowledge and participation anyway.

As for anything else, is there truly any harm in having a backup copy? Well, if it's something you really DIDN'T like in the first place, it could get tedious, I suppose. But really! You should have seen the stunned looks of disbelief I got from listing ten purple blankets on my wedding wishlist. What is wrong with the color purple? Do you know how many times I was asked, "What will you do if you get all ten blankets?" in the same tone of voice they might ask, "How will you get out of the house in a fire?" or "What exactly were you thinking when you put the milk in the dishwasher?"

My answer was simple. I'll be thrilled.

I ended up with 5 purple blankets and 1 grey one. I use three of those blankets at a time on each bed (the main bed and the guest bed). Purple goes really well with purple, especially when they were bought at the same time. It goes pretty well with the grey, too. That means I am using all six blankets almost all of the time. Where are the extra four to rotate in while I do laundry? ... It's okay. I can get away with just one in the heat of summer, and in the dead of winter when paired with a down comforter. I manage to get each blanket washed often enough. But seriously, if ten purple blankets had shown up, I would not have been disappointed.

Another example. I have 3 copies of the Ashley Book of Knots by Clifford Ashley. It's a really good reference book and I strongly recommend you get your own copy. Don't expect me to give you any of mine! One was a gift from my father for my birthday. The second was a gift from a dear friend for my wedding. The third is a 1944 edition that I picked up at a used book store. They all arrived in my life within a month or three of each other. I don't really NEED three copies of the book, but each one says that the person who gave it really had a good grasp of something that I'd really truly like. ...and if I do ever decide that I can't live with three copies of the book, I know plenty of people who share my interests and would be thrilled to receive one I'm willing to part with.

And when it comes to yarn and other consumables, well, it goes without saying that if I have loved working with a yarn once, I'm likely to love working with it again! Send on the Manos, the Koigu, the Mountain Colors! Good ideas are worth repeating!! ;)


  • At Mon Jan 23, 05:21:00 PM PST, Blogger bethieee said…

    I want my very own Ashley's... but then we've already had this discussion.
    I wonder if my father's forgotten I have his yet.


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