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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happy New Year! part 2

Okay, I admit it, I'm running a little late.
January is a month of multiple new beginnings for me. There is the new calendar year, of course (and trying to remember to write "2006" on checks and paperwork.) There is a slew of renewals that need to occur: vehicle tabs, dog vaccinations, etc. And there is my birthday--a realization that I have arrived alive on the far side of another 365 (sometimes 366) days.

It's a month for reflection on all the things I've accomplished, completed, attempted, and enjoyed. There have been too many to make a complete list. A few of the real treasures:

1. the friends I've made through this blog and the internet exchanges. :)

2. my first real attempt at lace. (Mystery Stole, still in progress)

3. SET exchange, SP exchanges.

4. my first pair of knitted gloves. (well, half a pair, really, but it's a start.)

5. knitting as a reason to socialize -- stitch-n-bitches. :)

It's also a month for reflecting on the things that I haven't accomplished, completed, attempted, or enjoyed. A settling of the emotional books, if you will.

Some of the projects that I am carrying forward into the New Year:

1. The NWRSA exchange spin-and-knit project. I had a "finish by the end of December" deadline for myself for the spinning half of the 8 oz of fiber. But it's January, and I have yet to start spinning. I've made tests, and I've thought about what I want to do, sure, but I'd better get started soon or I will lose the buffer I've tried to make sure I maintain.

2. The Stripey Socks. (more on that later)

3. Cheryl's quilt. The longer I take to finish it, the guiltier I feel.

4. the RF bag project: complete the spinning and weave the fabric.

5. the shrug. Will blocking really help? Will I finish it and find out?

6. the Mystery Stole (now also known as Leda's Dream)

7. the other half a pair of knitted gloves


  • At Fri Jan 13, 10:21:00 PM PST, Anonymous Rox said…

    Aww--- the SET made your good list? :)

    You know - I'm the lucky one to have met you (and your stitch marker makin' pal) this year.



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