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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Thank You SP9!

I got your package on the 22nd or 23rd? I don't remember which exactly, but definitely got here in good time.
The lilikoi jelly is all gone, and the tropical marmalade is half gone. Yum!! a taste of the islands!!! :) I *so* want to go back to Hawaii again! I was there once-- when I was about six years old. Three weeks, I think.. and ten days of that I was so sick I couldn't keep anything down. .. and still the islands live fondly in my heart.
So my very favorite part of this box was the pair of little jelly jars! Thank you!!
And to give y'all an idea how wonderful an unexpected little happens-to-hit-the-mark giftie can be, those little jelly jars held their own in the midst of 4 ounces of super-soft superwash merino top for my spinning wheel! Wow!! so super-cool!, 4 ounces of bamboo top (which I've never tried spinning before and am quite looking forward to!), and a wonderful sampler of cotton yarns (natural-grown colors!) which are definitely destined for my loom! I'm imagining a jaunty spring scarf, perhaps... (although at the rate I'm chipping away at my projects, that'd be for spring 08 at the earliest), all wrapped up in some wonderful wrapping papers! (the penguins are my favorite.) and nestled up against a single-serve packet of some delightful Chai mix (I did remember to keep the package for the photograph. the contents are long gone.)

I haven't had a chance to take the picture yet, so that will follow in a separate post.

And I think I'm late on the thank you for the thanksgiving package! My word but I'm running late around here!! .. My SP9 sent me a very lovely *handmade!* roll-up fabric carrying case for my needles!!! :) (I tried putting paintbrushes into the slots, but that didn't work very well (but did inspire me to add "make a roll-up carrying case for my paintbrushes" to my never-ending list of possible things-to-do)) .. I can hardly wait til the next time I get to travel so I can take a full set of needles with me in their nice new carry-case! :) Maybe that way I'll be able to just buy the Yarn at the LYSs instead of picking up yet another set of needles too!


...and Mia, the fudge is gone. All gone, sure was yummy! .. In the spirit of the season I was good and kind and generous and I *shared* that yummy fudge. O:) .. I let my husband have ONE piece! ;)


OH!! And PAULA!! Thank you so much for the OrnaMental2 gifties!! I just love the handknit ornaments you made! I tried to wear the angel-girl (okay, well, she *could* be an angel if she had wings and a halo and stuff.. I guess she's just a girl, though) as a hat (would have looked stupid, but sometimes that's for the best, y'know?) but she didn't fit. Instead she makes a really cute centerpiece, and she fits nicely over an empty yarn cone!

I'll get pictures up soon. At least that's my hope.


Tune in tomorrow for my New Year's Resolution (in writing this time so I can remember what it IS come February!)


  • At Sat Dec 30, 04:44:00 PM PST, Anonymous YankeeKnitter said…

    Glad you liked the jellies! I will try to pack some more to hand deliver for your birthday. I'll email next week to try to figure out when you might have time to meet. I've been away again (still am) so I'm sorry to have not been better about responding cc ughbut I'm glad to hear you got your power back soon!


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