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Monday, May 21, 2012

Tuesday Stitchers import: CQJP progress

It's been a very slow week. I got three seams done. That's all, just three seams. They're good seams, but that leaves me with a lot of work to do still before the end of the month! Ah well. Celebrate what IS, right?

I added needle-woven picot leaves to my line of bullion roses, and then surrounded them with an abundance of French knots in a variegated perle thread. I added a line of tatting, and I added a row of crenellations in green DMC floss using a single strand each of three colors of green. I worked the row over a scrap of aida cloth which I then removed afterward by pulling the aida out one thread at a time. It worked great in some ways: it was quick and easy and kept my stitches very uniform, and the aida was easy enough to unravel when I was ready to remove it. But it also caused my row of stitches to be looser than I like (because of the thickness of the aida), so after I removed the Aida I had to readjust the tension of the row. Since it was just straight stitches that wasn't too hard to do except for the two places that I split the threads and couldn't draw the excess past that point, so at those points I just hid the excess on the back and couched the loop to keep it from escaping back to the front again. Also, I somehow managed to get a gap in one of the stitches despite the use of the Aida! argh. Oh well. Stuff like that happens.

This coming week I might accomplish even less-- there is a huge dance workshop weekend coming up, so I will have no time at all to stitch after Wednesday. That leaves me a total of 5 stitching days remaining this month, and a whole lot of stitching to accomplish. If it weren't for the supportive community of fellow stitchers here on the blog and in real life, I might have already gotten distracted from this project! So thank you for helping me stay focused. :)

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