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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tuesday Stitchers import: TAST wk 11- whipped wheel, and cqjp march

Where did the week go???
I swear! It just gets started and it's already over. I am NOT getting used to this!
Well, here's my TAST postcard for the week:

I chose this CQ postcard from my small (and diminishing!) stack of premade CQ postcard blanks because it has a repetition of circles throughout the fabrics, and I thought the whipped wheels would be really fun to add as another layer. So far I've only got the one whipped wheel started, though! I just didn't have much time to stitch.

I did get a couple of container garden pots started, though! I received a few garden starts (young plants) early in the week, and spent a couple of days making sure that they got transplanted. I am dreaming of fresh peas and beans and lettuce from my own garden this year! We'll see, though. I could lose them to weather or slugs or forgetting to water them, or to my sometimes-overzealous hired gardener.

I did a little better with my CQJP:

I think that's four additions from last week? Shoot. At that rate I might not finish March's block until November! yipes. Well, I am hoping that this coming week will be kinder, because next weekend will definitely not be!

With all of the out-of-house and actually-visiting-with-people and physically-occupied (dance, gardening) time that I spent this week, I found it much more compatible to carry a different type of handwork: tatting. In this endeavor I fared MUCH better! and now I have several little trims and doo-dads to add to this month's block and future ones. :)

The first one is just a tatted doodle that turned out pretty sweet! Basically, I wanted to test the Kreinik braided metallic thread that I have to see if it would be able to do tatting despite its texture, and surprisingly, it worked pretty decently! So I added a few green "leaves" and stem to make a little flower doodle. I really love the way the stem changes color every time I added a leaf. :) I left all the ends long so that I can use them to stitch the flower down to my CQ.

The second is a line of tatted trim that I created with the same Kreinik metallic thread and some varigated perle cotton. I will most likely add this length of trim to my March block, so perhaps that will help me feel more accomplished once I get it stitched in place.

I also did some work on my March BJP, but as it has gone wandering (Like January's did. .. How DOES that happen???), I don't get to post photos yet.

I hope you all had much more productive weeks than I feel like I had!!

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