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Monday, July 16, 2012

Tuesday Stitchers import: CQJP July progress

Halfway through July, and for once I'm making decent progress!

After a rough start with bonnet stitch on June's patch, I got the hang of the stitch and started to really like it. I discovered that the over vs under are equally easy to do, depending upon which direction I lay my thread trail as I create the stitch. Once I got the hang of it, it went smoothly and quickly.

I particularly like the braided look that I got by letting the bonnet stitch legs touch. (purple stitches in upper picture, orange stitches in lower picture).

I also really enjoyed up and down buttonhole stitch, which I am sure will be a go-to stitch for me!

For some reason I decided that I needed to couch threads for the palm fronds on one piece of fabric, and use herringbone and satin for the flower motif on another piece of fabric even though both were only partial motifs! The herringbone was particularly time consuming, but I enjoyed doing it.

I worked a zigzag line of bullion stitches (I'm not convinced the end result was worth the effort)...

a line of nice familiar knotted buttonhole...

and a row of scalloped blanket. This stitch is worked at first just like blanket stitch (aka plain buttonhole), but before making the next blanket stitch, you work a series of little half-hitches around the post of the previous blanket stitch.

So maybe this month I'll be able to catch up again!

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