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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Inkle 0723

The inkle weaving proves to be so much easier with a cotton warp and no weft design! The threads slide past each other without tangling! The pattern develops itself! It's even FUN!

I made another ribbon for my SCA friend from some yarns I had in stash. I was able to warp and weave the entire design in one evening while we conversed and watched TiVo.

I have a wonderful weaving-design program for my pc, and I used it to work up some ideas for the pattern, but ended up threading one that isn't on the sheet. Still, I was pretty amused at how similar the actual threads came to the colors on my printout! In the woven band, the green is hand-dyed (from a leftover art-school weaving project), so the color actually varigates somewhat, but it is so subtle as to be almost unnoticable unless you're really looking closely.

Then I spent some time organizing my yarn stash, and I realized: the inkle loom might be a great way to use up some of those leftover yarn thrums I can't bear to part with! I have plenty of them, after all... I've been keeping them around for draw-cords and tassels and yarn stitch-markers and other fun stuff. This is perfect!

The threads I decided to use for this week's inkle project are leftover from one of my very first weaving projects ever: a striped warp project from my Intro to Weaving class in September, 2000. Since they're loom-waste, they are all pretty close to the same length: 4 yards in each butterfly (which translates into two threads around my 2-yard inkle.)


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