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Monday, July 18, 2005

Inkle Update

The cotton warp is so much easier to weave than the wool warp with the supplemental weft!

Since my wrists have been sore, I spent extra time weaving. I chipped away some more at the large inkle loom with the supplemental weft project, and it's creeping along, growing a tedious inch at a time. I still may never do another project like it again, but I might actually get through the one that's on the loom...

As for the second, smaller inkle loom, I got the weaving completely finished. The end result is about one and one half yards of ribbon. The width of the ribbon varies by as much as 0ne-eighth inch from widest to narrowest, and the edges aren't as tidy as I would like, but I am sure that both will improve with more practice. The friend for whom this ribbon is a gift is pretty thrilled with it, though, and that's what really matters in the end, yes?

I'm already thinking of new designs to put on the looms. More contrast next time.


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