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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Crochet Projects

Although knitting has been put (almost) completely aside for the past two weeks, I've managed to get a bit of crochet in.

I've been working on the purple Zephyr crochet scarf, of course, for several weeks now, and I've finally got it nearly finished! Only a few more rows, blocking, and (if I can figure out what to do with it) some sort of treatment for the anomalous center holes where I joined to work in the opposite direction.
I had thought that this was going to be a quick and simple project! It was neither. I hope that I adore it once it's blocked, because right now I'm rather ambivalent about it.

The other crochet project that I managed to complete had been started in February and more-or-less completed in March.
The problem was, I hated it.
It's a bag, but it was the wrong size and proportion to hold anything useful. I could fit my fist into it, but without much wiggle room. And if I made it tall enough to hold anything particularly useful, I wouldn't be able to reach into it far enough to get the things back out comfortably. So I called it done and left it alone, never quite figuring out what it was for.

Until this week when someone got the bright idea to shove a Nalgene bottle into it. The diameter was perfect!! All it needed was a few extra rows of height so that it could close completely over the top of the bottle, disguising the fact that Nalgene is not an appropriate drinking container for 17th century Europe.
It will be a water-bottle bag for Rennaisance Faires! ( 1 ) ( 2 )And the cotton, if wetted, should help keep the drinking water cool through evaporation. Yay!

Bonus points for the fact that all the cotton is dyed with Natural Dyes (most of them from my own backyard or neighborhood). Minus a few points, I suppose, if you're being super-particular, for the fact that it is cotton instead of linen, and for the fact that the plants I've used may not have been native to Europe (England in particular) in the early 1600s. (Not to mention that there is a general lack of documentation supporting any idea that structural crochet was being used as a needlework art at that time and location...)
I don't care, I love it!

Now I need to make two more just like it.


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