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Monday, July 18, 2005

bruise fading

My wrists are aching less, so I've started knitting again. This may be a bad idea, and I may end up regretting it if the pain resurges.
I hope not, though! I have projects underway!

My knee is also feeling better (although it still hurts to kneel on it, or when it gets bumped), but that only interferes with regular-type activities like walking up and down stairs, cuddling on the couch near someone, walking the dog, dancing, kneeling, skating... it doesn't interfere with my knitting, after all, so how important can it be??...

And my elbows (which I seriously bruised back in late May (another ice skating owwie)) only hurt now when I try to prop myself up on them to read,
or bump them into things,
or forget that they hurt in any way.

At least it's all minimal enough that I don't need advil anymore.


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