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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Gig Harbor Renaissance Faire

Didn't stay long, but had fun while we were there. The morning was overcast and drizzly, but it burned off by noon and became rather hot and sunny. Traffic was miserable (Blue Angels weekend might have had something to do with it). Could have brought the dog but didn't know that until after we got there, so doggie stayed home.

On the other hand, I got many compliments on two costume details: 1- the hand-dyed, hand-knit socks that Gipsieee and my husband were wearing, 2- the hand-knit little bags full of random useful things (like dice, tapestry needles, aspirin, celphone...). Many of the hand-knit little bags were also hand-dyed or hand-spun. I had a lot of fun making them--they let me try out lots of different patterns and techniques.

Peacock and Shonnon


Managed to keep myself from buying too much, but I did get a felt hat for my costume and also a pair of carved stone dice.


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