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Friday, August 12, 2005

Santa Barbara-Addendum

Smooch is definitely NOT coming with.
Smooch will be spending the weekend in the penalty box.
Smooch has been behaving in a most unsportsmanlike manner for quite some while now, and the referee is fed up.

This weekend, I will be knitting some lovely Noro Silk Garden (purchased on sale--how could I resist?) into a handbag instead.

In theory, I shouldn't have three days left of knitting on Smooch anyhow, so the transport of that bulk of yarn for the final shaping and bindoff and seaming just seems a little wasteful. Besides, the shaping that does remain, and the seaming that follows will command more of my attention than I want to deliver since I'd really rather be socializing! Not to mention that if Smooch continues to act the way that it has, I have no idea how long the battle could last, and the resultant cursing beneath my breath would probably drive away any otherwise friendly conversationalists.

So Smooch is staying home, and I'm going to Santa Barbara without it. I hope it learns how to behave while I'm gone.

In the meantime, I'll be planning my coup. I'm thinking to sneak up on it with lightning-fast fingers as soon as I'm back and whipping it into shape before it can counter-attack. The underdog will yet prevail....

Current Score: Smooch 10, Peacock 2.
Rows ripped today: 3


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