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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Santa Barbara

Heading to Santa Barbara for a friend's wedding reception this weekend.
I'm not packed yet.
I *hate* packing at the last possible minute. Given my preferences, I'd rather be packed for a weekend trip three weeks in advance. It gives me time to figure out that I've missed something obvious (like underwear, maybe?). But here I am at ten pm, not yet getting things ready for packing when my plane leaves the airport at... (um... I haven't actually read my itinerary yet, but Shonnon assures me that we leave the airport some time tomorrow, and I think Gipsieee says I have to be out of bed and moving by 7:30 am.)
We still haven't picked up a wedding gift yet, now that I think about it... In fact, I don't think I've checked their wish lists yet.
I really do love these people! It's not that I'm stalling to avoid anything unpleasant. I'm looking forward to the trip. I have my knitting picked out, and I have my spare batteries charged for my camera. .. as for what to wear, well, I have no clue whatsoever.
I hope I can find the invitation with the addresses of the places we're supposed to be.. I think I saw it two weeks ago under the stack of notes and papers by my computer... (digdigdig..) OhGood! here it is... mapquest... what else am I forgetting? probably underwear. (sigh)

Feeling: Woefully underprepared.


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