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Monday, January 02, 2006

Our First Hint

of how cold it would be came from the landscape as we flew overhead.

True to their word, our warm Land's End coats were waiting for us at the airport when we arrived. Our suitcases were not.

We had a nice dinner with Bethieee's family and a decent night's sleep at the hotel. Our bags arrived early the next morning. Good thing, too! I'd had the foresight to pack my wool socks and warm outer layers in my carry-on bag when we left Los Angeles. My husband, unfortunately, had not. He'd preferred to keep his computer close at hand and take the risk with the socks. I think he made the wise choice, but he was understandably a bit worried until the bags showed up at our doorstep.

The view from our window:

Evidentally we'd arrived on a warming trend. On the first day the temperature warmed up to almost freezing!

I didn't see much of my husband for the next week... unless we were indoors, he spent most of the time looking like this:

Can't say I blame him. .. It was kinda cold, after all.


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