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Monday, January 02, 2006

Any Idea What These Are?

Here's a hint--someone paid about $300.00 for the set of them.
That's a lot of cash to lay out for some aquarium-rock encrusted doorknobs, let me say...

When Chris took possession of her new condo, these doorknobs were left on the kitchen cabinets. She hates them. She gave them to me because I was fascinated by them. I said I'd find them a new home. I figured at the least they'd make a decent blog post...

The next morning, I came to my senses. The set of them weighed at least 5 pounds and filled a cubic foot of space. I realized I didn't want to lug them all the way home in my bags through several airports.

I gave them to my mother as a Christmas present. I hope she forgives me some day... 0:)


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