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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Knitting Olympics: Day 11

This is today's progress:

Halfway through the edging stitches (the final bend! The finish line in sight!!) it became clearly undeniable that I simply hadn't reserved sufficient length for the full edging. I thought I had.. I did the math... I counted the number of motifs I got from the first ball of yarn (I left out the partial motifs, figuring that they would help balance the calculation in my favor), and used that to estimate the number of motifs I ought to be able to get from the second ball of yarn. From there, I estimated that I could get another four motif sets, or about 20 more rows before starting the edging.

Did I knit one motif set too many?
Did I use the heavier ball of yarn first?

Well, regardless of what went wrong, there was only one way to fix it: Rip.

I did briefly ponder switching to a different yarn for the edging.
I did briefly ponder cutting out part of the edging pattern.
I did briefly ponder throwing the entire shawl into the nearest lit fireplace.

And then I did what I had to do. I put in a lifeline the best that I could, and then I ripped. Eighteen rows. Two days progress. (You mean I could have been done with this project two days ago if only I'd started the edging in the right place??)

I feel like the pairs skaters that won the silver medal... after she fell hard and humiliatingly on a throw jump. Ow, that hurt! but she got back up and they recued the music, and they skated the rest of the program with flair.

I'm still getting back up.

Day 11 progress: +4, -18, +2 rows. Net progress: -12


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