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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentines Wrap-Up

All in all, Valentine's Day was a smashing success. :) Many e-cards and e-mail greetings arrived from my fabulous online friends! You know who you are! Thank you!!! thank you thank you thankyou!!!

Our preparations started two weeks in advance--gathering up little tidbits for the packages we put together and sent out, writing little notes and cards, eating too much candy...

Which reminds me! All of the boxes that we sent out were actually a joint effort between Bethieee and I. :) Some of the boxes and cards got noted that way, others did not.

By now most of the Valentine giftieee boxes should have reached their destinations. If you got something that didn't seem quite right, I'm sorry. I was kinda hurting from the knee thing, and I may have gotten a bit distracted.

I usually put each box together independently, tape it up, and address it completely before starting the next person's box, but this time around I was pressed for time, and I did them in batches. Whenever I do that, I always worry that I'll put the wrong address on a box.

I think that I did once, actually... I'm pretty sure the Wizard of Oz stuff went where the Turtles were supposed to go, and the Turtles went where the Wizard of Oz stuff was supposed to end up!! If y'all are still reading this blog, you probably know what I mean. I am so sorry! Please forgive me!!


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