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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Knitting Olympics Update: Day 2

Our intrepid athlete, Peacock, having chosen a project she has never attempted before, in a yarn she barely completed on time, having no idea how fast she knits or how well her body will hold up to the strain of the intensified knitting, seems to be off to an impressive start.

Inspired by her roommate's Leaf Lace Shawl, Peacock settled on that pattern as the one to use. After all, it had already been test-knit by a member of the team, right?

Aided by a knee injury (can't get bored and wander around, obviously), Day 1's progress went smoothly. (After a long fuss and several ripped attempts at the gosh-darn very first step. Strange cast-on/first seven rows, but worth it once you get it working.)

With barely dry skeins of yarn nicely wound into balls, she settled down with the pattern in hand and realized with a sinking feeling that she was missing something crucial! NO Knitting Needle!!! Well, there might be one somewhere, in the shrug that hasn't been completed from last year... (dig,dig,dig,curse!)

Bethieee's SP6 spoiler to the rescue!! As it happens, one of Bethieee's SP6 boxes held a size 6 Clover circular! Thank you, Cheerio!! With it, Peacock was able to cast-on the actual yarn and begin knitting. :)

At the end of the day she realized she'd done more knitting than her hands could endure. The bottom length of her left thumb and the bottom length of her right forefinger were both crying out for ice-packs and Advil. Still, the results for the first day are pleasing.

To ease the strain to her hands and wrists, Peacock employed several tactics:

1. new needle: switch to an Addi Turbo because the cord that connects the needles is much more flexible than the Clover brand and the metal needles allow easier slippage for the stitches. (this can be a problem if you're prone to having your stitches slip off the needles when you don't want them to!) Bethieee brought the new needle in after her yarn foraging expedition. Thank You Bethieee!! :)

2. Advil, and alternating hot and cold packs.

3. stretching. in advance, during, and after each knitting session.

4. longer breaks away from the knitting using other hand-motions. To this end, Peacock began putting together a 1000 piece puzzle. :)

5. PUT AWAY THE BEAD-KNITTING*!! It will be there when the Olympics are over.

*(I got a recent bee up my bonnet to try some bead-knitting now that my hands are so much better. Looking back, I should have been able to forsee the problem with the timing. Doh!)

Looking forward to more progress tomorrow!


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