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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Knitting Olympics Update:

Competitor undaunted by unfortunate injury!

I've discovered that I can operate my double-treadle wheel with one foot!! YAY! that means I'm still in training for the Knitting Olympics!!! :)

I have a backup plan if necessary, but I signed up for the knitting olympics with the idea of finishing the spinning of my NWRSA exchange fiber in time to cast-on during the opening ceremonies on the 10th.

I was really feeling downhearted about that plan going awry because of my knee until my husband asked if I couldn't use my spinning wheel with just one foot on the treadle. I started explaining that while the equiptment would work that way, I probably wouldn't be getting the same results as I had for the first two bobbins.... and then I realized -- AHA! -- I'm at the exact halfway point when this happened, and I have always been planning to ply the first bobbin with the third and the second bobbin with the fourth!! If there is any difference in the spin, it will at least be distributed consistently throughout the finished yarn through the plying process!!!

Yay! thank you, husband! you're a genius. :)


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