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Friday, February 10, 2006

Year of the Dog Postcards

While I take a much-needed break from my Olympic Knitting, let me show you the wonderful set of postcards that arrived in my mailbox thanks to Little Mochi's Year of the Dog Postcard Exchange!

They came from many countries:
Australia, Canada, Sweden, Spain, and the US,
and many states:
New York, Ohio, California, Massachussets, Kentucky, and Missouri.
I love them all. Each one has something special about it, and I really want to say Thank You to each and every artist that took part in the exchange.

Click on each image to visit the artist's website. :)
Here they are in no particular order:

My own contribution. A picture of Zhenya sniffing the irises in my front yard, embroidered with needlepoint, photoshopped with frames onto a handwoven background, printed onto photo paper and then fused onto cardstock. I also gave them a treatment to help keep the ink from running if they get wet.

What I really love about this one is the graphic simplicity of it, along with the visual and tactile layering of the collage. At first I didn't even see the dog on the ribbon! But it's so very successful and I love it more each time I look at it. :)

This one has so much handmade charm! From the printed gingham background fabric to the felt bird, dog, and fortune cookie. From the touches of hand embroidery for the lettering and on the flowers to the pinked edges of the card itself! This card feels like a warm hug, a fresh cookie, and a tall glass of milk.

I love the ingenious use of materials in this card. Sadly a couple of the tiles didn't survive the mail, but now it amuses me to ponder whether it originally said "happy" or "yappy" new year!

The layering of this card is very intriguing. I love running my fingers over the surface to feel all of the textural differences, and visually I like the composition and the contrasts of images and text!

The composition of this card is so reminiscent of vintage advertising styles that at first glance I almost tossed it in the bin! I'm so glad that I realized my mistake, because it is so very cute!

This is the cutest little cartoon/drawing! So full of youthful energy and focus. I love the little doggie running from the little girl with pigtails... the drawing style reminds me of a book that I loved when I was just learning to read!
(check footnote)

Can you get any cuter??!
This puppy is so cute I want to kiss the postcard!
Beautiful layout, too. :)

Another fabulous collage. I love the rice paper and the stitching and the hand-lettering and the sketch of a bone... lovely.

This is a felt storyboard collage! with a handmade doggie pin that says "Feliz Anno Nuevo 2006" and another little button pin that is the cutest little doggie face! (Bethieee claimed it. She's in love with its adorableness. :) Not only did this artist send a postcard, but she also sent a couple copies of her newsletter along with it! and the sweetest note handwritten on the postcard!!!

I love the stuffed "doggie" on this postcard. I don't think I would have recognized it as a dog if I hadn't known the theme of the exchange, but that is simply NO reason not to love it! It looks friendly and adorable and warm and cuddly which definitely qualifies it for dog-hood in my book. Great job with the stuffed critter! and with the execution of the postcard itself, too. :) It looks like the print job itself might even have been professional! Wow!

Favorite childhood book: Cat and Dog


  • At Sat Feb 11, 09:34:00 AM PST, Blogger Knit Chick said…

    Aww, that's too bad that my postcard lost a few tiles. I didn't think that would happen. It also looks like Canadapost or another post in another country taped up the flowers, so they wouldn't fall off. That was nice. You can view your postcard in it's original state (scanned before mailed) on my blog on the flickr link on my sidebar!


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