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Friday, March 10, 2006

Lookie What I Got!!

My SP7 spoiler (who has been most fabulous-- writing me e-mails and telling me about her wonderful experiences and asking me about mine) sent me a BOX!!

I've been hearing rumors of this Box for weeks and it's been so EXCITING!! She didn't get it out in time for Valentine's Day, but she let me know why, and that's just cool with me. Then she went to Stitches so she held off sending the box until she got a chance to shop there!! .. and then there was this other little thing that had to come in so she could put it in the box.. and then.. Exciting, I tell you!!!

It's like when I tell my doggie to hold a treat on his nose and say "wait...not yet... wait... not yet... sooon......." and drool starts to run down his chin, and he quivers all over and starts to pant, and his eyes cross as he tries to look at the treat on his nose.. and then he's SO HAPPY when he finally wins the prize!

Okay, well, to clarify the concept: I didn't drool. (...much.)

But boy was I SO HAPPY when the box arrived!!! I saved opening it for an end-of-the-day reward, and I think those few hours may have been even more difficult than the weeks preceeding it! It was RIGHT THERE!!! All it would take was a couple of minutes with a box knife, and really.. who'd be the wiser? ;)

But THIS was definitely a box worth waiting for!!

First there was the box of chocolate and the Valentine's Day card!! My Spoiler thought of me on Valentine's Day!!! Yay!!! Valentine's day in March!!! ;) It's Never too late for hearts and candy! ..well, okay, by Christmastime the gummy candies do get hard enough you need a chisel, but short of that it's never too late!

Since Bethieee's away for the weekend, I even get to claim my very favorite chocolates all to myself and she'll Never Know I've done it! (oops, was that my out-loud voice?)

Then I found the Tea!
Now, I love a good cup of tea.. I have a huge tea drawer filled with all manner of wonderful teas for myself and friends who visit... but I have Never seen this tea before!
The box says that there are little "hand-woven tea blossoms" that "unfold and bloom" in hot water! I'm so eager to try this out, but this time I'll wait for the Bethieee to get home first so that I have a friend to try it out with. :) (Keithr does not like tea.)

The tiny little gold box held... a glass Peacock Button! Oh wow!!! How perfect is that?! I am thinking I need a one-button cardigan jacket or something to put this button on! .. until then, maybe I'll stitch it to one of my hats just so I can wear it in public! ;)
(It's a huge button, btw.. maybe an 1-1/2 inches across.. this is A Button To Be Noticed!)

The long, thin, tissue-paper-wrapped bundle was very obviously fibery goodness. It had that soft, squishy yet springy telltale feel to it. So of course I was expecting Yarn. Yarn is lovely. Yarn is wonderful! I was looking forward to yarn... I had NO clue that my yarn would be Embryonic!!

FIBER to SPIN!!! WHEEEEEEE! I am SO excited!!! This is not just Yarn, this is One-Of-A-Kind, Do-It-Yourself yarn!! This could be Anything!!
It's 2 oz of 50/50 Merino/Tencel in a color called "Peacock Plume" (How perfect is that?!) from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks!! It's very shiny and super soft!
I'd love to get a shawl out of it, but that might be pressing my luck.. maybe if I spin it to a fine laceweight single and ply it with another fine laceweight single spun from a merino-silk? .. or if that would grey out the color too much, perhaps I could ply it with a silk sewing thread? ... I might only get enough length for a scarf, though, because taking it too fine might thin out the color too much.. hmmmmm... whatever it will be, it's going to be FUN! I will think about this one for awhile and let the ideas grow in the back of my head. :)

I saved the dangerous-looking box for last. It had a big label on it: "Warning: Animal Inside" and I know how grumpy animals can get after being shipped by the post office.. especially if they're also hungry.
This was a box to be opened with great delicacy and care...

Look! Hedgehog Eggs!!!

No, Really!

Hedgehog Eggs and the instructions on how to care for them!!

Definitely a box worth waiting for.

Bye! I have to go incubate my hedgehogs now!


  • At Sat Mar 11, 09:46:00 AM PST, Blogger 'Zann said…

    I am so happy to see my SP get some wonderful goodies from her SP!
    Yes, I think maybe it's time to reveal the reveal publicly (I can't believe we are almost to mid-March already!) and publicly say what we both know, that I know you are my dear, thoughtful, generous, creative Secret Pal.

    I can't wait to write this on my blog! So maybe I'll save some things to say there!

    Thank you, Peacock, thank you!
    love 'n' fiber,


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