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Monday, March 06, 2006

Peacocks Challenge 1: Cactus Buckets

When we were in Tucson, AZ in February, we happened upon this strange sight.

It was a source of great amusement as we pondered why this was done... some of the most outlandish theories were my favorites. SO:

I'll give one prize to the first person who correctly tells me why these cacti are wearing buckets on their heads!

And a different prize to the theory that makes me laugh the hardest!

E-mail your reply to: peacockschallenge at hotmail.


  • At Mon Mar 06, 10:19:00 PM PST, Blogger bethieee said…

    I know, I know, I know...
    oh, wait.. I don't get to play, do I...

    And just because she made me go in and ask the people why, I can't play in the contest... Pout!

    Have fun peoples, I'm looking forward to seeing some of the guesses!

  • At Tue Mar 07, 08:26:00 PM PST, Blogger Heide said…

    Are the buckets on the cacti ends to make them bloom?

    My personal theory though: This is not a mere cactus, but rather the rare and elusive Operetta Spiniferous Siamesatus. Those are not buckets, but rather top hats placed upon this plant's many gentlemanly heads. When properly adorned this plant has been known to break into arias if the light of a full-moon falls upon it.

  • At Tue Mar 07, 08:41:00 PM PST, Blogger Peacock said…

    Not to make them bloom, no.....

    But you might have a good point about the top hats!! :)

  • At Fri Mar 17, 08:22:00 PM PST, Blogger laurie said…

    does it have something to do with the fruits? keeping the birds/bugs/bats/rogue cactus fruit collectors away til they're ripe?

    they look a lot like my little sister did when going to collect the mail at my grandparents' house...she had to pass a purple martin house, and they were very unhappy about people nearby when nesting, so would dive-bomb her...she put a pot on her head for protection :o) (and godforbid she find out i've broadcast this lol)

    perhaps this cactus prefers bleached tips ;o)

  • At Mon Mar 20, 10:25:00 PM PST, Blogger Peacock said…

    Actually, I was told by the nursery that it was to keep the tips safe from frost damage! :)

    I offered two pressies, and I got two respondents, both of whom gave me a good chuckle!!

    So I will be sending a pressie to both Laurie and Heidi. :)


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