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Friday, February 24, 2006

Knitting Olympics: Days12, 13

The lace may be getting monotonous... except that I'm so close to the end, and now I've got the pattern memorized. Strike "monotonous," replace with "meditative" Yep, that's it.

Day 12, Wednesday:
Made good speed today:

Now that I've finally memorized the primary pattern, it's time to switch to an entirely new pattern: the edging. Argh!

Considering putting beads on the edging. Not sure yet.

Day 13, Thursday February 23:

Tried the beads, didn't like them. The lovely dark green beads practically disappeared. Not worth the effort. The bright pink beads stood out well enough, but I didn't like having beads only at the lower edge. If I decide to do a beaded shawl, I will want to have beads throughout the shawl, not just at the lower edge!

The edging was easy to adjust to! I got the shawl completed and off the needles!

This is my unblocked shawl next to Bethieee's blocking shawl of the same pattern. She used three different colors of Koigu PPPM. She enjoyed working the FiberTrends Leaf Lace pattern quite a lot, and that is what inspired me to choose the same pattern for my Knitting Olympic challenge.

The ends are woven in. All that remains is to wash and block it. I have to wait til tomorrow to pin it out because Bethieee has claimed the blocking space for her own projects today.

We only have one space in the house which meets three requirements:
1. big enough to pin out the project to be blocked.
2. dog won't step on it.
3. don't need to sleep on it before the project is dry.

Which means I'll be completed in time for the medal!! :) YAY!!!!!!! Blocking tomorrow!!!!! + drying time = Success!!! (...unless something horrid happens. Better not count the gold medals til they're all in the basket. or something like that.)


  • At Fri Feb 24, 05:10:00 AM PST, Blogger stacey said…

    I have been following your progress and I believe you deserve a special medal for perseverance! I can't wait to see it blocked. Blocking should be an "event" in it's self :o)


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