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Friday, April 07, 2006

Spectrum: Yellow-Orange Sock Yarn- IN!

The Gabby Knitter dyed this yarn for Zarah's Project Spectrum Sock-Yarn exchange! Aren't I the luckiest to have been paired with her this month! :) ... The colors are *so* perfect .. in fact, they remind me of my daffodils! ... which in turn remind me of the skein of sockyarn that I dyed for Her for PSSYX! Isn't that hilarious! :)

She used KnitPicks' Dye-Your-Own (I've really been wanting to work with this yarn! Now I get the chance!) 100% Merino. I used Henry's Attic's Montana. She used the crock-pot method (I'm not sure yet what dyes), I used the stovetop method and Lanaset dyes.

The colors themselves are remarkably similar even though the skein she dyed has much more orange and the skein I dyed has a lot more pale yellow.

I'll add a picture of the yarn I dyed once I'm sure GabbyKnitter's received it. :)

** Oh! I should mention-- if you'd like to be part of this sock-yarn-exchange, it's probably not too late! .. details are found at Zarah's. (link in first paragraph). **


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