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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Knee Injury: Update- MRI- No Results Yet

...but I do have pictures.

The report on the pictures will be sent from the MRI imaging service to my doctor (in a couple of days) and then my doctor will give a report and an advisement of further action to me. I'm still in the waiting-not-knowing phase.

The only thing *I* can tell for sure from the pictures is that I do still have a knee attatched to my leg. .. of course, I was pretty sure of that already since it aches a lot and gets in my way. ;)

The MRI thingie itself was kinda neat. I enjoyed it. Like maybe a very very VERY slow ride at Disneyland. A comatose Space Mountain. Lots of strange noises, odd lighting, weird plastic contraption that straps you into place, and a soft cool breeze.

Also, it felt weird. .. like I'd imagine the bottom of the ocean to feel during a sonar mapping. Everything echoed off of the Inside of my knee/leg. Weird. But neat.

I almost fell asleep during the MRI (no knitting allowed--no movement allowed) but was a little too aware that if I did fall asleep, I'd probably move. .. plus I'd miss the rest of my Comatose Space Mountain ride. .. and at the price, you just don't want to ride again. ;)

Then came home and DID fall asleep for the rest of the day. It's evidentally exhausting to hold completely still for twenty minutes at a time. (initial scan was 30 seconds, longest scan was about 20 minutes.)


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