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Monday, May 08, 2006

Thank You, Rox!!

As if I have not been spoiled enough! ;)

A box arrives in the mail from Rox! Totally not expecting it!!

Sure, there'd been a little teasing back and forth, what with me trying to coax her into giving me one of her "failed" dyed sock yarns! (ha. I love it. that makes it UN-failed! so there. ;) and her telling me to quit sending things or she'll move again and not give me her new address! :P'''''''''

So this box arrives in my mailbox and catches me TOTALLY off guard! and everything in it makes me absolutely LAUGH!! it's so much fun and so unexpected!

A get-well card, some Pop-Rocks! (only the packaging survived long enough to be photographed), a fabulous tin with a hand-painted sheepie on it! (the sheepie looks so silly-wonderful that I just crack up looking at him (her?)! with green polka-dotted felt lining! like a meadow with daisies!! and some hand-made stitch markers with orange beads and duckies!!! Duckies! hah! again, so cute and fabulous that I can't help but laugh when I see them! laugh and make them quack at each other and at the sheepy... Loads of fun with no yarn in sight! .. who would have thought you could have so much fun without yarn? ;)

Best of all.. (I just about squealed and fainted when I saw *this*!)

A Peacock barrette!! OMG! where did you FIND this?! It's truly amazing!!

I just about gave Rox a heart attack when I mentioned I was getting my hair cut last Friday, just barely after her fabulous barrette giftieee arrived! but this is a picture of it, in my hair, post-haircut!! I can still wear it!!! :)

(More pictures of the new haircut will arrive in a later post.)

Thank You *SO* much, Rox!! You really have brightened my mood!!


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