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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Resolution Delayed

Let me just say that I will be *SO* very glad to say goodbye to 2006 and put it behind me for good. This entire year has been perhaps the very most difficult of my entire life (there are two other years that do come to mind as a close call, but neither one of those held such widespread damage on so many fronts and so constantly.)

Anyway, I was looking forward to a quiet evening of introspection, a late movie (to get away from the fireworks and gunshots of my neighborhood), and some cuddle time with my husband.

Instead we are at the airport, waiting for The Next Flight to take us to my FIL's hospital. He is not expected to see the new year.

So maybe I'll get some time for the introspection tomorrow, and maybe it will be a few days.

Thank you for understanding.


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