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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Delighted To Announce The Winners!!

I didn't get as many responses to my Hawaii celebration "challenge" as I thought I might. (I live in fear of running a contest some day and having a thousand respondents more than I'd planned for!!)

But the Great news is: That leaves me with the ability to share the Aloha Spirit with BOTH contestants! Paula and Mia will each get a box of Hawaiian spirit to share and enjoy! I'll be putting those boxes into the mail by next weekend (or explaining the delay if I don't get it done on time!) and will share a picture of the bounty once I am sure that the goodies have reached their targets!

Thank you for playing!

And yes, Basset, I will come to your blog this week too and see what your son has done!

...pps-- the slow boxes from Hawaii did eventually get here. :) .... so did the priority mail envelope with my final rolls of film that got mis-routed (my fault: I picked up the envelope on May 9 and bought postage for it at an Automated Postal Center that same day-- thinking that I would drop my rolls of film into the mail for processing on the mainland once I got home again. .. but then I realized they'd be at risk for x-rays, so I got the film processed on-Island instead until our very last day. On our last day on the islands, I rounded up all remaining shot film and put those final rolls into a lead-lined x-ray protection bag in a new priority mail envelope (did I mention that I had destroyed the previous envelope getting the previous film back out?), taped the postage (that I had cut out of the previous envelope) to the new envelope, and left it with the hotel desk clerk to drop into outgoing mail for me while I headed to the airport for our departing flight. ... the postcards I handed him the same day got home the day after we did! ... the re-routed priority envelope took more than a week. But considering that I'd bought the priority mail postage two weeks prior and on a different island, I'm just glad that it found its way home at all!

I'm *almost* done unpacking everything! (isn't that a sad comment!) and I am really looking forward to sharing some of the photos that I took. Also, pictures of knitting, weaving, and other fiber news, the post I promised about Norwescon, and much much more!! Coming soon. :)


  • At Thu May 10, 08:39:00 AM PDT, Blogger Paula said…

    Yah! Thank you so much for letting me be a winner too!
    I love presents!
    Thank you for cheering up my day!

    That is a realy great idea about developing your film before you leave from vacation. I will do that when I go to England next spring.
    I was worried that the xray machines at the airport would ruin my film and now I will share your idea with the rest of my faimly.


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