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Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Weekend!

Thank you for all the Get Well wishes! They've worked. :) .. yesterday I was mostly better except that I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach (but at least food was staying where it was supposed to and I wasn't too dizzy to drive anymore.) Today I feel well again.

Just in time for the annual "what do you mean it's Easter Weekend again already?" festivities. .. that would be Norwescon Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention. The long-standing readers among you (or those of you who are newer but back-read) may recognize the name "Norwescon" from last April's posts-- where I expressed all intent to do a Norwescon review post, but failed to follow through on that intent in the wake of the diagnosis for my knee and the devastatingly solid realization that recovery was not going to be an "any minute now I'll start to feel better..." type of experience.

So this year I'll just have to do the review you didn't get. :)

But first I'll finish up the March Travels review posts and the celebratory "challenge" that goes with it. :)

..but before that, I've got a convention to attend! .. see y'all on Monday! .. or Tuesday if I'm sleeping in and unpacking on Monday. ;)

hugs all!!

(P.S. Also coming soon: this year's Pysanky pictures!)


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