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Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Sock I Just Started Is Already Doomed. least in terms of matching pattern.

It's a stripey Regia (I know I said I don't like Regia, but y'know it's not all that bad when I work it on larger needles! It gets a bit stiff and unpleasant when I put it on tiny needles and get too many stitches to the inch.. but on size 2 (3 mm) it's just not bad at all!

And this was a delightful colorway-- crayola-box bright rainbow of stripes. Like wearing a circus, I guess. ... I picked up two balls of it one day recently when I found myself out of the house with nothing to knit (how did that happen?) and some time to kill.

I cast on for a scarf but didn't like the results, so after a bit of work and a week or two of thinking about it, I ripped back and started over. I cast on for a sock, but I cast on too many stitches (80 instead of 60) for the gauge I was getting but was delighted to find that it was a good start for knee socks! Oh what a delight to think of a circus-striped pair of knee socks!! .. but fate is against me-- there is no more of this yarn to be had at any of the local stores.

So I ripped out that progress to cast on yet again for a more traditional trouser-sock length and discovered that *even though* the two balls of yarn are the same dye lot, the striping length varies substantially! argh! from start of blue (blue-green then pink-yellow then red-orange then blue-green) to end of second blue is 10.5 yards on one ball, and 13 yards on the other! .. I don't know if it varies within the skein-- I didn't check. All I really need to know is that this pair of socks is off to a troublesome start and not likely to get better behaved!


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