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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Tuesday Stitchers import: TAST wk 5- herringbone

I like this stitch a lot, and I use it often both decoratively and for garment (etc) construction purposes. It works great, for example, as a catch stitch for clipped and turned seam allowances on an applique shape:

It seems like I didn't get very much done this week! Argh! Nonetheless, I managed to play around a bit with Herringbone for the TAST challenge:

In keeping with the tradition I've set myself for this TAST challenge, I have worked on a postcard-sized patchwork ground, and have limited myself to variations of the stitch itself rather than explorations of how the stitch could be used in combination with other stitches. It's ever so frustrating sometimes to know how a couple of carefully placed french knots could make a wonderful combination and still to refrain from using them! .. but it is causing me to be a little more clever and explorative with the basic stitch instead. I can use stitch combinations on my CQ, after all!

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