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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tuesday Stitchers import: Tast wk 2 buttonhole

I spent most of my time this week stitching together my CQ wedges, but they still need a few hours' work before they are complete and ready to start stitching on, and I don't have pictures of them yet.

Despite that, I did find some time to stitch buttonhole experiments for TAST on a spare CQ fabric postcard. :)

I've used simple buttonhole with differences in leg spacing, crossed buttonhole, knotted buttonhole, detatched buttonhole with beads, detatched buttonhole cup encasing a plastic gem, buttonhole on a curved line, buttonhole to outline picture elements in one of the fabrics, tailor's knotted buttonhole as a buttonhole, buttonhole to couch on a lace flower applique, buttonhole wheels with legs pointing in and with legs pointing out, and buttonhole with crossed legs.

My favorite is the beaded buttonhole edging. I will definitely use that approach again!

I can't help but feel that if I hadn't been spending so much time putting my wedges together, I might have had more time for stitching! ha! But next week I should be able to finish up the wedges and then I will not lose that much time in any of the following months! (I'll probably lose the time to something else, but hey. That's life.)

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